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The Disney Detail

The Disney Detail

| September 26, 2019

When you think Disney, you think magical experiences. Every bit of the experience, Disney thought through each detail. From your welcome greeting and character interactions, to how their characters and cast members point and address you. And they don't stop with their guests, Disney doesn't even call their people employees but cast members. That's because they are there to deliver a performance and enhance your experience as well. Disney does everything with intention; actions calculated, and sewn into the fabric of the company creating the Disney difference. Our belief at Maven Group is that your retirement plan, portfolio management, and investment selection should be built and managed with the same attention to detail. This detail and constant evolution of improvement is what keeps our clients satisfied and value our expertise.

Our family's recent trip to Aulani's Disney resort allowed us to enjoy the hospitality that continuously goes above and beyond to make a visit unique. Our journey began with us arriving at the resort welcomed by cold fruit infused water and individualized lei's. Our 4-year-old daughter is addressed as 'princess' by all cast members in any interaction. The first 15 minutes at the resort set the tone for the remainder of the week. This type of welcome is what we strive for at Maven Group. Immediately connecting with our clients over what's most important to them and continually looking for ways to show our appreciation. It can be as simple as having a client's favorite drink in the office for their meeting or surprising them with a travel book for an upcoming adventure. Either way, our clients know that we genuinely care and they can be at ease when discussing some of life's most important decisions.

Now back to the Disney experience - we're settling into our room appreciating the Mickey Mouse folded towels and taking in the ocean views. At this point, we've been up since 4:30 am, and it's now 3:00 pm our time. With all the excitement, we couldn't think of anything better than changing into our swimsuits and grabbing some food and drinks down by the pool. As we're walking down, one of the employees greets our daughter, "Hello princess, are you enjoying your time here?"

Our daughter responds, "Yes, I love vacation!"

The cast member, who is one of the housekeepers, replies, "Well, would you like a sticker of some princesses for your shirt?"

With excitement, our daughter quickly answers, "Yes, please!"

Now, I've stayed at a lot of hotels but never experienced anything like this. Such a small gesture that can stand out even after the vacation ended. We've still only been at the resort for maybe an hour at this point. As we arrive at the pool area, we locate a food station that looks like a shack. We begin ordering our food as Olivia wanders to the window next to us. Much to our surprise, she comes back holding a giant cupcake, a $7 Disney cupcake. Thinking she stole it, we quickly tell her to put it back when a gentlemen pokes his head out and tells us that he and Olivia had a friendly conversation while we were ordering our food and he wanted to give her the cupcake as a Thank You for the friendly chat.

The surprises never ended. We enjoyed that cupcake the next night watching the Luau from our balcony. But it seemed like every day there was one thing or another that Disney did to surprise and delight.

We are always looking for ways to surprise and delight our clients as well because we value the relationships we've built so much. Birthday lunches, retirement celebrations, or acknowledging our client's personal or professional achievements, we want our clients to know, we care.

The last Disney detail I wanted to share is how Disney made the experience enjoyable for all. Everyone that's been to Disneyland or Disneyworld has seen the family that has one or multiple children going through a meltdown. This is when most parents question why they paid so much money to endure this type of treatment. So how does Aulani allow you to really escape for vacation?

They created Aunty's beach house, a childcare center fully stocked with every item a child could ever want or need to have fun. This center has a movie room, a video game room, an art room, multiple outdoor playgrounds, and activities and character visits throughout the day. They'll also provide lunch and dinner if you want to enjoy an adult-only day or meal, which we absolutely took advantage of on several occasions. No surprise that they had top-notch security and stringent policies for dropping off or picking up your child. You can sip Mai Tais without the worry of your kid sneaking out or being abducted.

Now we don't take care of your kids at Maven Group, or provide any day care-like services, but we do work tirelessly to anticipate our clients' needs and plan for a future that's enjoyable for all. Our goal is to ensure our clients enjoy the retirement they planned, and are confident in the plan we've built for them and their family.

Overall, our Disney vacation did not disappoint; they continued to surprise us at every turn and helped us build some fantastic memories. That's all we want for our clients, to be able to truly enjoy what's most important to them and let us do what we do best. Not just managing money and building financial plans but taking care of our clients and giving them the family treatment they deserve.